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    Pandamonium vs Remix(and how the cloak changed it)

    So not sure if anyone else noticed but we went from everything saying "PANDAMONEUM CRAZY FUN TIMES" to "Pandaria Remix..Lets keep expectations down" with mobody really talking about the chanbe in terminilogy..or how it coincides with the cloak nerfs. I mean If it transferred 1:1 to alts and every alt contributed. Every promise would make sense and we would indeed have PANDAMONIUM! But due to the nerf we just have remix instead and it is vastly different from what was advertised.

    To give some examples of what i mean by the cloak changs effecting things look at how lack of balance we see now would be fixed by leveling more alts and assuming lfr worked like ptr still no big stat gaps and we'd be op every step of the way(as all pandamoniun advertising emphasized but no remix advertising has), this same trait of snowballing power with each alt would also make not only gear unnecessary when leveling but alsothe ring trinket etc not being account wide would make sense since Why bother when people could just bam destroy it after a brief time. and even the lack of bronze makes sense as we'd be getting so many caches from ultra fast leveling and the snowball effect of raids just dying. Again it would be "Pandamonium".

    So why change it? I have several guesses myself.

    1. PTR had sonething go off maybe the cloak was too much maybe they couldn't habdle the projected numbers on the scale they expected maybe some backend thing i unno..But something in ptr that we don't know about showed a big enough issue to take the hot.

    2. They instead opted to make this a trial for an alternative to chromie time and so nerfed things to make it a better test of that.

    3. They lost faith it would be fun enough to keep us going and decided instead to nerf us all to stick instead of pure carrot us.

    4..Higher up meddling..this one just says it all

    But no matter what it is..Imo if they just reverted the cloak and lfr i think we'd get the event we were originally promised..Not remix but the pandamonium we were originally promised.
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    Pandamonium was just the label they used for it to keep it a bit of a mystery.
    The moment they actually announced it they called it MoP remix. No one was promised "pandamonium".

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    What are you even talking about? "Timerunning: Pandamonium" was just a single piece of text on the content roadmap listed under patch 1.2.7. There was no indication of what it was. When they announced it, it was announced as WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria.

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    Closing this as essentially asked and answered.
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