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    Are healers required in normal raids? Because in lfr everyone healed through their powers. No "real" heal was needed at all.
    I'd say yes, had a decent Terrance group. But there were about 10 wipes due to healers dying early (Until folks understood teh fights)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saradain View Post
    Except the 12% ones from normal face roll raids. One run of Mogu'shan Vaults on normal gives you 72% permanent exp boost to your cloak. Resets daily. Scaling was also tuned earlier today, no problem doing them at 70.
    Not much use doing them at 70 if you want to XP buff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    Not much use doing them at 70 if you want to XP buff
    You stop getting them at 70 yes, but if one is afraid to reach 70 due wonky scaling making you fragile, it no longer is that big of a problem. Equipping each and any legendary gem with extra stamina helps a ton. Even if the primary effect is horrible, like Speed + Stamina.

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