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    SetBindingMacro / SetBindingSpell activates on KeyUp instead of KeyDown

    Hello, i have a few macros i can't fit on my action bars like:
    /target [target=arena1]

    So my solution is to use SetBindingMacro like:
    /run SetBindingMacro("ALT-1", "arena1")

    Problem is that all macros and spells keybound like this only triggers when the key (this example 'ALT-1') is released, and not instantly when pressed. This is a huge deal-breaker for me because this makes me not be able to play as fast as I would like to in the environment that is high ranked arenas.

    With the following command I am able to have Key Bindings ONLY on the action bars activate on KeyDown.
    /console ActionButtonUseKeyDown 1  ** This is active by default

    Unfortunately this does not affect "SetBindingMacro" or "SetBindingSpell".

    As a Shaman playing on cataclysm classic with 60 default action bar slots (+12 with scrollable action bar), and Shaman having ~52-55 spells to place on your bars (excluding spells like Astral Recall, Primal Strike, Trinkets, etc) makes adding 5+ Macros to Action bars not possible without using "SetBindingSpell" on important spells.

    • Using addons to add extra action bars, or addons in general is not something I would consider a solution as I do not like relying on addons to have my UI be functional.
    • I am aware of Modifier Macros which I would consider, but having to press a button to make a cooldown visible is something I consider a hindrance and would like to avoid.

    I've been playing with the 'SetBindingMacro' for several years but only recently, when I started using Macros like:

    I started to notice that they only activate on KeyUp presses. I would be shocked if this has always been like this, as Googling this issue gives little to no results and I would imagine detailed and skilled players would notice and have the same issues as me.

    I'm trying to find any solution, whether it would be to somehow add macros to my Action Bars so that they correctly instantly activate on KeyDown press, or more preferably solve the 'SetBindingsMacro' KeyUp activation.

    I'm happy with any insight or suggestions.

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    Wanted to update that i created a simple addon that lets you keybind premade macro's which activate with KeyDown presses without being on the action bars, and it's easily customizable with no lua experience as long as you know how macros work. If im not there to update it whenever it becomes outdated, or if it's missing any macros you desire simply open the .lua file in a text editor and look around and it should be simple to understand how it works.

    Cannot post links but it's called AdditionalBinds on wowinterface.com

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    Can always use BindPad. It let's you create macros you can just straight up keybind or you can put them on your bars.
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