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    Elvui-Toxiui huge auras on raid frames issue

    the interface was working properly in raid, somehow out of nowhere when forming a new raid the hp bars of the raid members showed huges auras and i dont know how to remove them, im not sure if i set something wrong and will be really thankfull if someone can figure this out. i will send screenshots.

    this is my normal ui
    https: //ibb.co/M1Hjr6w

    this is my ui when raiding
    https: //ibb.co/TPgmn3w

    and this is how its working now
    https: //ibb.co/WxbVgkk

    so those huge icons, auras or whatever they are wont let me keep an eye on the raid members for healing or dispelling etc.

    i have tried in the toxiui interface options but i just cant find wheres is the issue.

    does anybody has an idea??

    thanks a lot in advance.

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    These look like cooldowns for interrupts, personal defensives, etc.

    I'd look for any option for that type of thing.

    I am unfamiliar with Toxi UI, so I can't say if that is part of this UI package, but this type of thing is also part of different addons or could also be a WeakAura. I would recommend extending your search beyond Toxi UI options to see if you maybe installed another addon or WeakAura that may be adding these cooldowns.

    If you type "/fstack" in chat and hover over one of the icons (best to go for those furthest to the right, like the Warlock Teleport), this may give you information in the tooltip which addon is creating those frames. Typing /fstack again will deactivate this view.
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