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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    Cause I never met anyone that actually liked it. It was just ran cause it was an easy pug clear for weeklies. It's very forgettable and boring, and the scaling in there was actually terrible on high tyranical keys for the people that ran keys well above weekly levels.
    I didn't really love it as a key, but I liked the dungeon well enough in Warlords. It was actually one of my votes during the season where we got to vote for old keys.

    Certainly I liked it more than Grimrail, which won.

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    1. Freehold
    2. Lower Karazhan
    3. Waycrest Manor
    4. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    5. The MOTHERLODE!!! (seriously, what is not to like there?)
    6. Seat of the Triumvirate (odd choice, I know, but such is life)
    7. Theatre of Pain
    8. Arcway
    9. Upper Karazhan
    10. Necrotic Wake (even if the last boss was the definition of unfun).
    Quote Originally Posted by trimble View Post
    WoD was the expansion that was targeted at non raiders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    5. The MOTHERLODE!!! (seriously, what is not to like there?)
    ML gets a lot of undeserved hate. Maybe people are remembering the days before the trash count buff, when you really had to kill inordinate amounts of it? But after that, I'd say it became an excellent dungeon. It has a layout that's both linear and gives room to get creative with pulls, it has trash with abilities you need to control without becoming too much of a CC spam fest, it has bosses with interesting abilities but not bullshit ones, it doesn't really have any environmental gimmicks to annoy you, and it even has some skips that require thought and execution.

    It's a great dungeon. I agree it was annoying in early BFA when it was more like MOTHERTRASH!, but they addressed that and now it's definitely up there with the best of them.

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