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    Remix MoP: How it can improve

    Here are my few opinions on how I like the mode, and how I feel it could improve if they ever decide to continue this experiment in the future:

    My experience with the mode: I leveled two characters to 70, completed half of the meta achievements, ran every raid on normal

    1. Sockets.
    They're fun! But switching sockets is a massive chore (unless you use the Narcissus addon). So much so that I sighed and groaned when receiving gear updates while leveling.

    There's way too few of them.

    If you're a dps, you don't have to choose, you get enough slots to equip 90% of the DPS increasing sockets. That's boring, right.

    The Meta sockets suck. Everyone is running Ward, and it's for a good reason, the few Meta sockets we got all kinds suck. The Void Ball one is kinda cool, the Lightning Ball one is also cool (but pales in comparison to just using three aoe abilities instead)

    I understand they didn't want to waste resources in making a whole new interface for the sockets, but there's definitely a better interface to use than socketing. Azerite Armor? Artefact Weapon talent tree? Shadowland traits? A simple buff/status effect system?

    2. The meta achieves are too easy
    I understand they wanna help players who don't wanna spend much time in the mode to acquire the actual cool rewards (the unique models). Heck, the promotional white/red bird is in every meaning of the word, a participation throphy - and that's perfectly fine.

    But after you finish the metas, the incentive to continue winds down significantly. After that the only thing to do is level chars, or farm bronze, and both of these will have one clear superior method, which will result in you doing the same boring piece of content over and over again.

    And I don't want them to make the rewards harder to get, I want them to put more rewards for the players who want to dedicate more time and effort into completing the content. Something less significant, like a title.

    3. Raiding
    There is no way for the player to know they SHOULD be raiding before hitting lvl 70.
    Raiding has always been synonymous with max level, so yi understand why the majority of people think they should way until they hit 70 to raid, but the scaling makes low level characters much more useful in raids.
    And they also level really quick in normal raids.

    Make a pop-up at lvl 25 (or whatever lvl it is raids become available) that says "Congrats lvl 25! You can now que for Mogushan Vault!"

    That would fix a lot of frustrations people have with the mode, they would level faster, gain more bronze, and don't have to feel left out at max level.
    And also get the raid transmog apprarances, because it's way faster to farm them in raids than to buy the ensembles for bronze.

    4. Raiding +
    I understand why they overtuned the raids so much. They want players to gather thousands of threads to be able to defeat Mythic Garrosh -- I understand that, it makes for a nice incentive.
    But there's only 4 difficulties, so the climb is incredibly steep.
    They can scale content very well now.
    So why didn't they just make Mythic+ ?
    Normal raids are easy, Mythic raids require you to farm a little bit of threads, and then Mythic+ requires you to go absolutely crazy with the farming.
    With the most crazy dedicated players reaching Mythic+ 15 on Garrosh.

    That would both solve entry level difficulty for casual players, and give Frog Farmers reason to push the game to it's limits.

    Overpowered? Maybe
    Fun? Fun stops after you realise a fresh lvl 70 gets one shotted by a HC Scenario mob.

    As it is now, the vendor only shows YOUR class, and to open the rest, you gotta change the default Vendor Options, this results in players feeling frustrated they have to level 13 characters to unlock it all.

    What do you guys think?

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    Raiding is like cancer. Pandaria world is important. Quest should give you more bronze then raids. Period.

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    People definitely know that they can raid before 70. It was mentioned multiple times before the release and is also blatantly obvious when raid finder becomes available

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    People definitely know that they can raid before 70. It was mentioned multiple times before the release and is also blatantly obvious when raid finder becomes available
    Every time I entered a normal raid, I was the only one non-70 player, even when I was creating my own group, only lvl 70 qued up.

    Safe to say people don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    People definitely know that they can raid before 70. It was mentioned multiple times before the release and is also blatantly obvious when raid finder becomes available
    Your faith in the average player to stay up to date with things, let alone read one line of a post, is quite astonishing. Maybe it’s that Discord has desensitized me due to the multiple posts a day asking about what item someone should take when there’s a guide that explains things very clearly, on a site that has existed for years, that’s mentioned several times a day, with a channel that has direct links to those sources.

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    Improvement is exactly the same, as for SL - 500-1000% buff for threads and bronze. Each LFR wing should grant 1k stamina or 500 of other start and 5k bronze. Only in this case Remix would be viable.

    It's nonsense, that I complete LFR for may be week and still can't complete heroics properly. I expected Remix to have step-by-step progression. LFR is one step higher, than heroics. If I can complete LFR, then I should "outlevel" heroics instantly. And this problem is also caused by lack of bronze. Because I have to choose between buying rewards and upgrading gear to get player power. I choose rewards, because player power is useless. I can complete LFR anyway and player power is needed only to complete more content and get more bronze. Waste bronze to be able to obtain more bronze? Terrible idea. Simple math suggests, that it would be viable, only if I would be able to earn 2x bronze on average almost immediately via investing it into player power. It doesn't happen, therefore no. Investing it into player power is about just wasting it. Bronze rewards should be enough for this choice to be non-existent.

    Plus, of course cloak should be account-wide. May be stats should be scaled down on lower levels. I.e. for example 1000 stat on level 10 should give just 1% of it, i.e. 10. But threads should add normal values, that wouldn't be useless at level 70. And stats should return to normal 100% on level 70. This way leveling alts wouldn't be so pointless waste of time vs trying to level stupid cloak on main via grinding LFR wings non-stop.
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    The main problem with Remix is it's become a massive farming quest. The only reeason why people keep playing it is due to cosmetics and that's a downer. Besides, after levelling two alters through Remix, I've decided to stop because the fact that your character becomes a prisioner of that server for 90 days bothers me a lot. I thought you could choose to leave Remix when you reached level 70, which I think it would be a good idea: let people decide if they wanna keep playing in that server or transfer their characters to retail. Don't force people to stay in Remix servers for 90 days.
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    Situation is exactly the same, as back in SL. Players are given choice between two lose-lose situations, so they choose 3rd one - not to play this event. We don't need choice just for sake of choice. We play "fill the bar" game and bad choice - is what ruins this game. Back in SL you had to choose, if you wanted to spend your drips of anima on mission table, cosmetics or leveling sanctum. It was completely wrong design. It was pointless to choose leveling sanctum, as it was just waste of time and anima, that would have never paid off. Good system should provide excess currency, that could be spend on long term progress.

    Same here. We have not enough currency provided and therefore we have to choose between long term power progression, that may be will pay off in a future (and may be not), and immediate cosmetics. This is wrong choice again. Extra power won't pay off, if it won't provide 3-5x extra rewards. Problem is - extra source of currency =/= more currency. Extra source of currency =/= more currency per hour. It's pointless to do slow raids, that may provide more bronze, than quick LFR. Exactly because currency per hour is the same. Emmm. But only if you kill bosses and don't wipe.

    And Blizzard seem to design their game around players grinding player power first in order to gain access to "better" content. This is, again, completely wrong. Not only because it's pointless to do harder content, if it doesn't pay off and provide better rewards. But because majority of playerbase hates raids and feels bad due to being forced to do them.

    And therefore this event is, as always, good only for players, who can find ways to jump straight into harder content. For hardcore raiders, who would do raids anyway for example. Other players are, as always, discriminated.

    P.S. And clock is ticking. We have FOMO event. Longer it takes for Blizzard to implement proper changes - bigger these changes should be.
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    Solo MMO: no more humiliating queues and toxic competing. Aggro and combat: game would only be better without obsoleted mechanics.

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