View Poll Results: Would you play Shadowlands Timerunning?

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  • Hell yeah! Sounds awesome!

    6 26.09%
  • Meh. I'd try it.

    3 13.04%
  • Hell no, please keep this far away, I am daddy Blizzard's special boy and favor the metric system.

    14 60.87%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    I’m all for Legion Remix - give me more artifact colors to chase and I’ll play for months.
    Also all 3 raid tiers had lovely sets I’d love to get class agnostic versions of, or better yet, agnostic recolors.

    Hard pass on Shadowlands.
    I don’t miss any of the zones, characters, raids, or cosmetics. Replaying the Maw would be actual video game hell, again.
    Dragonriding in the Maw from day one though? And lifting the limits at a much quicker pace? And no caps on anything? Plus outdoor Torghast abilities? What was it about the Maw that was bad that wouldnt be solved by a quicker, more rewarding system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodreh View Post
    Lol, what's with the metric system hate?
    I will never forsake the King's Foot. Bring me inches or bring me death!

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    This thread didn't start out great and has a badly biased poll as well. Closing this.
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