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    I completed the Theramore scenario on my Highmountain Tauren Druid, and I didn't receive the tabard or the toy. I double checked my toys because I definitely remember taking part in this event when it was first released, but I don't have the toy. Still waiting for it to appear in my mailbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kieraTM View Post
    Noob question here: In order to obtain the tabard, I would need to subscribe (which unlocks remix?), level an Alliance toon to 35 and complete the scenario. And then after remix ends on August 19th, I can use the tabard as transmog on my main account?
    You get everything you earn in MOP REMIX instantly to your RETAIL account, cosmetics and toys are instantly available in RETAIL on your other characters.

    Only your MOP REMIX character is stuck in limbo until 19.08.2024.

    Keep in mind your MOP REMIX character will be wiped from gear/bags and will end up as a regular boosted character with 415 ilvl standard gear.

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    Lmao I went in at 35 but leveled to 36 while doing it and not received. Awesome design!
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    Fomobros our response???

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    ok, so update, you only need to do the scenario on one character. I did it on horde got toy in a mail and THOUGHT I was going to have to roll an alliance character, but then I saw someone say on official forums that tabard is just automatically added to collections and - indeed it was.

    timing is still annoying, you pretty much want to queue up for specific scenario the MOMENT you hit 35 with as little xp past that point as possible - might even want to take the cloak off just to be sure, so that you don't level up before you are done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwert View Post
    Lame af.
    Limited time stuff is good.
    People praising fomo always concerns me.
    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    Remove combat, Mobs, PvP, and Difficult Content
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