So I saw a transmog that looks incredible for me and it require a very rare drop Watchful Eye of the Damned from Korthia zone from Towering Exterminator:

From what I understand I have to kill a rare in Korthia zone and it has a chance to spawn event that summon Towering Exterminator. The problem is I almost skipped SL and unlocked Korthia on only 1 character. I even forget which one it was and I could not even jump to a maw with my characters before i finally logged to the one with most progress in SL and its my current main.

I don't even know how to unlock maw atm on other characters because I don't wanna park my main in Korthia. I tried to read at wowhead how to do it and theres some skips for new characters but they don't appear for me and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, finish all 4 zones? Thats insane.

And thats not the only problem, I installed HandyNotes for SL to see those rares and most of them have some stupid requirements like some of them appear only on some days (don't even know which one), some require to be in specific covenant etc.

So any tips how to unlock Maw/Korthia fast on my characters that skipped SL or did it only partially and how to actually efficient farm this event? Or I'm just too late and I won't see it even in few months due zone being empty? Any advices?