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    Fastest Remix leveling spec?

    I'm using Remix to level a warlock to be ready for TWW and I'll park it until Remix ends. It won't something I use to farm SOO for Bones of Mannoroth because I've got a tank & healer to do that. I want to do it quickly so I'm looking for what the fastest leveling spec would be.

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    I know the go-to leveling spec tends to be Demonology, but I am absolutely annihilating everything as Affliction. You just run around, DOT stuff, let it come to you and loot.

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    Very early level demono. Once you have your tinkers online the dot'n'run aspect of affliction should prevail in outdoor/leveling content.
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    I leveled as Destro, everything just blows up in big old balls of flame once you have Chaos Bolt.

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