I conducted some research within WoW and within a forum online. My goal was to try and find out the reason why people play WoW due to the fact that I am a newer player and know that so many people enjoy playing this game. I asked a few questions in the game and on a forum including “why do you play WoW?” as well as “what parts of the game captivate you the most?” I received responses that I expected and some that I didn't fully expect. I carried this research out by going in the game to conduct small interviews with players willing to listen as well as asking questions on MMO Champion where I got some great responses. The responses I received gave detailed results on what factors of WoW were intriguing to players and why they continued to return to the game. One common theme that I kept receiving was how the community was a huge reason why users enjoyed the game so much. The usage of guilds took up a large part of that as well as just playing with friends. The second reason was the relaxation and stress relief it allowed for users after a long day. There were users who talked about playing WoW after a long day of working and how WoW allowed them to cool off and enjoy that free time. The last reason that I found why there was a large enjoyment for the game was due to WoW’s uniqueness regarding characters, objects, realms, adventures, etc. I have gathered that it is one of the original MMO games so therefore tons of people have just continued to play throughout the years even as newer MMO games are made. It also seems like users really enjoy the storyline and universe of the game which keeps them intrigued and coming back for more. Let me know if these research findings seem accurate with your guy’s experience playing the game.