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    Quote Originally Posted by dexx View Post
    I havent looked into it yet. But is it the case that the only things from Remix that can flow back to retail are mogs and achievements? ie; not gear?
    they'll probably give all timerunners a set of gear for their level. I just tried to copy a timerunner from retail to beta, and it wouldn't let me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psilar View Post

    So, basically Retail is losing players, the game is slowly breaking because of faction imbalances. Meanwhile, you have large chunks of players that seemingly need to choose between classic or retail. I have always thought for going on a decade now, that all versions of wow, every expansion, including classic, should be playable, scalable, modern content at all times. Some limit of past achievements, titles, mounts should be obtainable.

    There is no reason why we can't have time-warped characters on our accounts that are stuck in an expansion, that can be brought over with the click of a button. Meanwhile, they can stay there as long as they want if they prefer.

    Blizzard made a conscious choice a long time ago to forget about old zones and very rarely make new content take place in an old zone. This was a massive mistake in my opinion. The entire world should be updated and playable at all times.

    Remix, also should be about a month, and then it should go away. In another month we remix something else. Every story and adventure should be playable.

    I also hate to say it guys but using terms like "realm" has no meaning now. The only things realms do now is allow for multiple variations of the same name.

    Splitting wow was one of the dumbest things Blizzard ever did.
    Yes, and the only excuse naysayers have is "it's hard to Program". And I say as someone very confident in real Programming: if your programmers can't replicate your 2004 gameplay on the new client: get new Programmers who respect the peak of the Industry they managed to snatch a seat at.

    PS and 2004 is the only "hard" part,
    anything after Cataclysm is almost the same code and almost the same zones.

    In reality the Devs already view Remix as a tech this way very likely (because it's common sense and an inevitable thought that comes to mind) (i.e. don't be surprised if you see this change within 1-2 years).
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