Quite sure I read or heard somewhere that during next expansion blizzard will allow Drakthyr be playable also with other classes. Now, considering following points:
1. Drakthyrs RACIALS are wingbuffet and tailswipe, abilities useful to keep a bit off your ass mele classes,
2. From Legion on, Blizzard decided that ranged classes should be owned hard by any mele class

I am curious about how you think, Blizzard will fix this and keep ranged drakthyr classes still r@p3able easy peasy by any mele class.
A. Blizzard will change Drakthyr racials
B. Blizzard will allow only Drakthyr mele classes to be playable (still keeping evoker with its fantastic 20 yard range abilities may be reduced to 15 yards)
C. Blizzard will fire 1500 more employees because they could not forecast this terrible contradiction which again could give a bit of advantage to ranged
D. Blizzard will shut down world of warcraft and develop a new hello-kitty game.

thanks for your feedback