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    Get to max ilevel early so you can get into heroic raids, and just do as many as you can each day, along with the five dungeon/scenario runs, and the three quests to do so.

    Doing a heroic MSV plus a heroic/norm dungeon and a heroic/norm scenario along with those quests will get you, at this stage, about 7500 bronze from the quests alone, 4500ish bronze from the raid, more from the dungeon and scenario. That doesn't seem like a lot, but at max ilevel you can blow through all that in under an hour. If you're able to do heroic ToT or SoO you stand to get almost 20k bronze per hour.

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    To get all the Remix-exclusive rewards you need to complete all the zone meta achievements and all the heroic scenarios, dungeons, and raids.

    Most of the zone meta achievements are really easy and can be accomplished by just completing the main campaign questline, or simply killing a few rares, looting some treasures, and exploring the zone fully.

    You need to do the Dominance Offensive campaign to unlock the exclusive three-piece class ensembles and the Throne of Thunder campaign to unlock the class arsenals. You can do it with your main and purchase the ones for other classes, or do it with alts to get them for free.

    You can queue to complete all the scenarios and dungeons, and these days there are a lot of high ilvl pumpers and level 20 twinks running them so it's easy.

    To complete all of the heroic raids you need to pug, but again, there are a lot of high ilvl pumpers. You want pug normal raids and upgrade your gear until you have about 1m HP so that you can survive the passive damage that gets spread around in the heroic versions. It's pretty easy to get into pugs and a lot of the bosses go down quickly. You'll probably get killed on several encounters if you have under 2.5-3m health, but you can just release or run back or people will rez and resummon you. Not a problem.

    For the Remix exclusive gear and mounts from vendors, most of it's really cheap. You can either use the bronze you get from leveling your alts to 70 to buy up a lot of it, or you can just keep farming heroic raids on your main to get a ton of bronze each day, either fully upgrading your gear or using some of it to upgrade and some of it to buy stuff.

    For the stuff that isn't Remix exclusive, it's significantly more expensive, with the low drop rate stuff costing between 20k and 40k bronze. These are things you will still be able to farm, so you might want to make them lower priority, but they are a guaranteed way to pretty easily get extremely rare drops like the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent or the Tusks of Mannoroth (which require clearing heroic SoO five times or mythic SoO once to collect 20 x bones of mannoroth).

    With the buffs to bronze cache rewards it should be pretty painless now.

    You can level alts quickly by just chain running heroic dungeons. When you hit 70 you'll have like 80k bronze, maybe more now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lahis View Post
    Those mounts have sub 1% drop chances so nah, I'd rather farm the bronze than keep farming them on retail for the next decade.
    Pretty sure Blizz buffed that to at least a 1%. I started farming all those mounts when Blizz buff the drop chance. And I got every mount inside of 2 weeks. Granted I do have an alt army and so I was getting 50 tries a week. I think only Rukmar took right at 100 attempts, The rest I got in around 50-70 attempts

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