Poll: Would you play a Kobold?

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    Yes, yes I would if they made them an Allied race at some point in TWW. And I mean that sincerely, as I do like the Azerothian kobold design as it fits into the concept of "ugly cute" to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    I know. My main was race changed to a Tauren at some point, then back to Troll, then to Zandalari Troll and then back to Troll again, because I just can't stand to see anyone else but my trusty 20 year old Troll Hunter

    I do have a server full of hunters of every race, in case I want to look at something else for a bit, but my main is always that troll.

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    I can only main one character at a time. Retail WoW does not have enough content and longevity for me to want to play through it multiple times on multiple different characters. I am already invested in my Tauren Sunwalker and my Orc Death Knight. I have other alts but I only level them up, dress them up nice, and then forget about them, never actually play them. I haven't even bothered to level up any current allied races as none of them appeal to me. There are very few new races Blizzard could announce that I would consider actually maining. Maybe a Jinyu water samurai or a Mogu animancer with blood golems, or a Mantid amberweaver, or a Cryptlord Nerubian.

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    Sounds like fun, sign me up!
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    Nope. Outside of not really wanting to play a race that at best would be considered special needs in any school setting I'm not a huge fan of super short races. I definitely regret making my warlock a goblin to experience the questing there and kept it as undead.
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    I would have 1 just to have 1, but it wouldn't me my main, and id probably never make another. I have 1 gnome,goblin,mechaghome,vulpera each but they are too short for my taste. Dwarves are too short too, but I do have a few of them.
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    Sure, why not? If they ended up going the whole D&D route and made every single sentient humanoid creature a playable race, I'd roll one of each.

    Tuskarr, Vrykul, Arakkoa, Sehtrak, Furbolg, Kobold, Grummle, Jinyu, Hozen, Mogu, Niffen--I'll take them all.

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    Female kobolds would be…. Interesting.

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    We need sexy kobold-elves

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    Probably not, unless they had some very unique racial power that caught my interest, like I wasn't planning on making a Earthen but kinda like the sound of their azerite racial

    Only two definitely yes choices for me are Arakkoa or Tortollan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Female kobolds would be…. Interesting.
    We've got em in TWW.


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    I mean they'd be a Race not an Allied Race one would imagine.

    But while I'm not opposed, I would want Murlocs first. And probably a WoW2 at that stage
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    All I care about is the tinker class to make me possibly switch mains.

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    I already have enough chars. I won't play new races.

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    No, I want playable Forest Trolls. Don't really care about MORE random playable races
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    Yes, they a goofy and I can be a skaven with the right transmog

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    Wouldn't mind if kobolds became a playable option, but I wouldn't create one in all likelihood.
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    I find it oddly fascinating that a few people mention whether or not they'd swap mains for a new (allied) race, despite it not being anywhere in the OP. Curious little insight into how people play, I think lol

    Personally, I've played the same hunter since WoW's release, but I have a plethora of other characters I play for various reasons. Kobolds would have to offer me something unique now to actually be considered dumping real time into. Blizzard would probably need to add another profession/class/something at this point for me to justify it. But, I do think I'd create one just to experience any sort of unique starting zone, gets the race mounts or whatever.

    Cool to see everyone's reasons on whether they would/would not, though.

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    Yes, would love them as full playable race

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    No. I don't play midgets nor refrigerators with legs.

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