Poll: Would you play a Kobold?

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    not kobolds, give tuskarr >

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    i spit on the idea of allied race in first place, a half baked concept of adding race without the 'problem' of adding entire culture and hometown for them
    i hated it since day one, i still hate it now, why not remove all cities from game and just keep orgrimmar and ironforge then blizz?
    we should never accepted half-ass work for adding new race, blizz is killing immersion even more with time, removing all things that aren't 'useful' or practical
    i still think the idea of removing reagents was bad, yeah i'm that old school, or remove ammo from hunter... those rpg elements is what made the game feel more rpg than what it is now
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    http://youtu.be/x3ejO7Nssj8 7:20+ "Alliance remaining super power", clearly blizz favor horde too much, that they made alliance the super power

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    Looks badass to me.
    As bad ass as Lee Evans in terms of looks I guess;

    You no take candle!

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