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    In Development: Season of Discovery Phase 4

    In Development: Season of Discovery Phase 4
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Season of Discovery Phase 4 is coming and with it, players will be able to level to 60, discover new class runes, enter the Molten Core raid dungeon to face Ragnaros, and more.

    What’s in Store

    We’re leveling up Season of Discovery Phase 4 with a variety of leveling changes, new rune discoveries, class adjustments, professions and reputations updates, dungeon updates, PvP Class Sets, updated events, raid content, world bosses, and more.

    • Level from 50 to 60
    • Updated Discoverer’s Delight buff
      • Level 1-50 150%
      • Level 50-60 50%
    • New Runes for each class to discover.
      • New Cloak rune slot
    • Utility Runes: These class agnostic utility runes will provide additional bonuses to a variety of skills such as additional bonuses to a variety of stats such as weapon skill, spell hit, and more.
      • New Ring rune slots
    • Class Adjustments: Many classes will experience changes such as select runes becoming baseline abilities and new runes will become available.
    • Profession and Reputation Updates: New and enhanced professions recipes for Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Hydraxian Waterlords, and Timbermaw Hold.
    • Nightmare Incursions updated to daily quest hubs.
    • New Stranglethorn Vale and Blood Moon Rewards and Currency
    • Dungeon Updates: updated rewards and new dungeons available at level 60:
      • Blackrock Depths (2nd half)
      • Blackrock Spire
      • Dire Maul (3 wings)
      • Scholomance
      • Stratholme
    • PvP Class Sets for Rank 10

    Molten Core Raid Dungeon

    Experience Molten core as a 20-player dungeon with 10 classic bosses, revamped loot, redesigned Tier 1 sets, and more. Players will also be able to turn up the heat with a new variable difficulty mechanic. Don’t forget your fire resist gear! You are going to need it. We’ll be adding one more surprise to this classic raid dungeon for intrepid adventurer’s to discover.

    World Bosses Updates

    Experience Lord Kazzak and Azuregos as brand-new instanced versions of these encounters. These encounters can be experienced with up to 40 players but will be tuned as 20-player content.

    Onyxia will also be adjusted to accommodate 40 or fewer players along with some additional loot adjustments.

    We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks beyond this brief overview and have more in development for this phase we can’t wait for you to discover. Stay tuned to the official site for more information got a full phase 4 preview. We look forward to bringing this endgame experience for Season of Discovery to life.

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    Was there not rumors of a Karazhan crypt instance at some point ? Is not coming anytime soon ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zardas View Post
    Was there not rumors of a Karazhan crypt instance at some point ? Is not coming anytime soon ?
    This isn't all of the 60+ content, just the first phase of it.

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