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    But aren't cloaks caped?

    Makes sense, but I dont see them winning anything out of that, unless its for the "OP for a day" feel
    They use that to level characters from their main account fast. You can use those twinks to level alts from your main account from 10-70 in 2 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkz View Post
    cloaks were supposed to have a cap , but new blizzard DEVs never are told or read about past DEVs mistakes on items/systems caps, so they continue.

    blizzard decided not to undo the high level cloaks so no cap
    Not sure why you think the cloaks were supposed to have a cap, given this is a fun game mode designed around wacky gems and very overpowered characters.

    Also they absolutely nerfed the high level cloaks, they just didn't nerf them to the ground.
    Quote Originally Posted by Addiena
    Whats the saying .. You have two brain cells and they are both fighting for third place !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladey Gags View Post
    Jesus…I truly can’t believe blizz has created an entire game mode centered around twitchy zoom zoom gogogo degeneracy that systematically destroyed everything that made this game great. How does anyone truly enjoy that type of gameplay, running and one shotting everything? It’s literal brain rot in gameplay form. And for what? Shitty cosmetics from a decade ago that serve as nothing more than a number in a collections tab? How can anyone truly look at themselves staring at their screen partaking in mind numbingly trivial content and say they enjoy that? I just do not understand the modern developer’s vision for this game, and I do not understand how the masses eat this garbage up
    And I can't understand how you don't like to feel massively overpowered for a while, oneshotting bosses, AoEing HUUUGE packs of mobs, running at lightning speed. This is why it's a separate game mode. So people who like being overpowered can do so without completely ruining the game for people like you. You can just keep playing retail (or classic) and grind and gear like you always do, while people like us go to remix to have some ridiculous fun for a little while. It wouldn't be fun if it was the main game, btw, it's just fun for a while. You can't even see what a boss fight is supposed to be when you kill it in one hit, so definitely not something you'd want in the normal game

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