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    No, they do not. They simply quit.

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    People who devoted their lives to a computer game are sad potatoes, it reflects in their predisposition to mainly complain and whine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigToast View Post
    I'm finding it very frustrating that every single raid night a good chunk of the time is complaining about Blizzard. It's the same stuff over and over again and usually it's used to cover ones mistakes or short-comings (like the "lag excuse"). It this just human nature? People find it easier to relate over complaints? Or are there really guilds out there that don't believe they know how to run an mmo better. It's just a drag to be relentlessly assaulted with negativity when you are all playing a game together. A lot of these people seem to pay a subscription just for the ability to whine about it.
    The only thing worse than the people who constantly complain about a game are the losers who constantly complain about those people.

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    Literally nobody.

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    constantly? no. occasionally? of course. there is nothing that is not complained about. complaining can help us to vent, to brainstorm ideas and connect with other people. it's a part of communication. sometimes it's done too much, sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes people complain about complaining about complaining... but it has a purpose

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    I’m blown away by a lot of these posts.
    I engage with the game the most when I’m enjoying it. I complain the most when I’m not, and that generally results in less or no playtime (see: Cata, WoD, BfA & SLs).
    I don’t think the majority of people engaging in high end gameplay hate the game. That’s not my experience and that’s certainly not why I engage with it. I also don’t keep playing while pessimistic because I don’t think there’s other options.

    I’m truly confused and concerned about people’s motives now.
    If these posts are accurate, I’m very sad for a lot of people.
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    Nah, my guild is more balanced than that. They see the good, the bad, and the in-between. We sometimes gripe about particular Blizz decisions we don't like. Our main tank has never been satisfied with the druid class tree (for good reasons!), I questioned what in the world was Blizz thinking when they first announced double sigils, and our pally has been frustrated over the ups and downs with Holy. But overall we enjoy the game or we wouldn't be playing. For perspective we are mostly older than average WoW players (more over 35 than under), and the guild has been continuously active since the first month of Vanilla. We're always AotC, but we don't touch mythic. We have big H raids (25-30) where everyone's invited, and 2-3 M+ groups running most nights. We play a lot, but none of us take it too seriously. We all have jobs and kids and other things we care about, so we keep our hobby in perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    I don’t think the majority of people engaging in high end gameplay hate the game.
    I think that those who care most complain the most. The game will not get better if everyone is an opportunist. It seems to me that hardcore opportunists are mainly trolling those that care. They mostly do that because they get away with it. Especially on blizzards game forums and on reddit. As long you love everything blizzard does, you do not have to fear any consequences. The same kind of 100% false loyalists that prospers in fascist regimes prospers in blizzards controlled communities.

    Blizzard tolerates opportunist lackeys in their own media which protect their design philosophy.
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    My guild is pretty balanced and has some chill people in it thankfully, so it's not too bad. I think the general complaints about Blizz over the years is interesting because as someone who started in TBC I have never experienced a time when people didn't complain.

    *TBC I remember complaints about "cosmic Warcraft doesn't feel like real Warcraft" and people complaining about epics from 5-man dungeon heroics or what not
    *WOTLK had the wrathbaby thing, the gearscore thing, the game was made a lot easier and "for the dummies", very often server maintenance would extend beyond 11 and sometimes all the way to 15
    *Cata had a harder difficulty at launch combined with reusing Azeroth and only adding a few new zones. Also Dragon Soul being kinda lame and dragging on and on
    *MoP was bad because "pandas" and "pokemon battles" completely disregarding everything else
    *WoD obviously with the garrison fiasco and a general lack of content
    *Legion had a really bad legendary acquisition system and the AP grind was pretty bad before they fixed it in like Nighthold
    *BFA had azerite gear, essences, systems upon systems, other features people didn't seem to like such as islands and warfronts
    *Shadowlands do we even need to be specific here? generally regarded low among most players with the controversial covenant systems among other things
    *Dragonflight - too silly in tone, not enough seriousness in quest chains or lore, silly ducks and so on

    (these are not my own thoughts just general complaints i've heard)

    I feel like in general a big thing with WoW over the years I've noticed is that nothing has been more true than the saying "You don't know what you have until it's gone". WotLK is a great example. People talk about it as the pinnacle expansion and how everything was rosy in it as if this was the general consensus all along. The experience I played through was a lot of people complaining about how it was much easier than TBC, epics weren't rewarding anymore because they gave them out. People could now easily pug raids which was harder before, they added dungeon finder and they even reused an old raid for a whole raid tier. But despite all these issues back then, I think time makes you reflect and look back at things in a different light.

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