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    It's not that the dungeons are hard, it's the community is vile.

    I wish WoW had the toxic positivity community that FFXIV has, where people are afraid to criticize other player's playstyle. I don't really like that myself, but it's a hundred times better than what WoW has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    This is a consequence of LFD which was introduced in Wrath, where you no longer needed to venture into the community and find other people to do dungeons with, which made people take dungeons more seriously due to the time investment of grouping up + travelling the dungeon and people wanting to be on their best behavior so they don't get blacklisted.
    FFXIV has had LFD since the start and this has never been an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    FFXIV has had LFD since the start and this has never been an issue.
    this is one reason i quit wow, i don't play ffxiv anymore either though, but toxic community, at lower levels tanks don't have all the survivability tools as max level so htf ppl expect you to pull wall to wall at a low level is beyond me, it was the dps's fault OP, not yours.
    the kicking on one wipe is an impressive level of toxicity though.
    (when i tank on cokadin, Chaosing, Adaline, Hakujaden(monk main, used to be) or even my warrior(forget his name war tanking was never fun for me)
    but when i tanked on em, i'd start slow, then speed up as i learned the groups/healers capabilities, i'd push it where healer was never at full mana but not dropping to dangerous levels either.

    that's about all the advice i can give that i didn't see in this thread already, Good luck to you learning to tank and great job taking on the responsibility, most players dont, and that's what makes queue times so agonizingly long. OP you're doing good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    They don't. Stop embarrassing yourself by thinking clearing leveling dungeon fast = M+ route and strat. It's not, it's just showing you know nothing about M+. You don't even need mob count in leveling dungeons ffs and you guys insist on comparing it to M+ because people pull fast? I can't even with these off base takes. You don't need to kick or stop a damn thing in leveling dungeons, your route is meaningless besides pull least amount of things between start and end boss to finish and get bonus xp. It is not M+, it is not treated like M+.
    Oh man. Whoosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AudibleEscalation View Post
    Oh man. Whoosh.
    Yes, whoosh to the guy that thinks leveling dungeons are treated like high end M+ play. You shouldn't comment if you have never ran high end M+ routes in your life. The common factors between these things is they are 5 man dungeons. That's it, that's the only thing they share.

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