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    The golden age is now. Current content. The ability to, after 20 years, still play a game we love that is consistently updated and loved by millions. Nothing more golden than the here and now.

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    The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the answerer, everyone has their own "Golden Age".

    For me, it was 5.2, Isle of Thunder. I've never enjoyed WoW as much as I did right then, it was amazingly fun for me. Others probably hated that time period. What really interests me is that Remix gave me the opportunity to "relive" that time period and I discovered that, for me, it's just not fun a second time around. It was that patch at that time that was perfect for me. Maybe a future version of WoW will compete with that time, for me, or maybe not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwindpeep View Post
    …and what was it that made it that way for you?
    Vanilla easily. Best time of the game and best time for the internet in my opinion. The internet as a whole was barely political back then. The only time I’d hear someone talk about politics was to laugh at Dubya. It wasn’t this shit like today where every single forum is political.

    This is why, believe it or not the official blizzard forums had an off topic forum! Imagine that an OT on blizzards watch. The internet was so much smaller back then. It made WoW feel unique. Vanilla was just the best time. I don’t honestly know why communities changed so much to where everyone became try hard but it did. I definitely loved classic in 2019 but it wasn’t the same as vanilla because you can’t bring back the 2000s internet to go with it. However, I still had more fun on classic than I did any expansion past MoP.

    But trust me I’m not going to claim vanilla wow was the best because it was just a better game. That’s silly. I just enjoyed it more. I miss when blizzard did new things. Anyone remember when they had their website that showed ideas they had in the pipeline? Giving us things to talk about what might be happening down the line?

    Mop was the end of WoW as the S tier gaming for me like many. Pandaria didn’t feel like it was even part of the same universe. And I don’t think the fact subs plummeted with it is a surprise.

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    Don't believe in golden ages - it varies by individual depending on how long they've played and what the group they mainly play with are doing. For instance I really liked original TBC because the heroic dungeons were a challenge and I had a group I played with. I redid classic TBC and hardly anyone on the server I was on ran heroic dungeons.

    For me individually the expansions I most liked were TBC, Wrath, MoP and Legion.
    The expansions I really disliked were WoD, Cata and Shadowlands.
    I liked whatever is not included above.

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    Wrath and early Cata for me. Wrath was near perfect for me, even with the tuned down dungeon content and hyper burnout dailies. Ulduar remains my favourite Raid of all time.

    Cata only began its downward spiral after Firelands for me. Everything leading up to Firelands was all good. A few let downs that they dropped Abyssal Maw and War of the Ancients raids, but the content that we had was still quite good. Fall of Deathwing raid just dropped the ball, and I didn't even bother checking out Pandaria till WoD was about to launch. Pandaria was good too, but I can't say I would have called the one month that I played it a golden age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    If we are not allowed to pick vanilla (it was. Blizzard put off doing Classic for years and wanted to shut down Nostalrius because they didn't want to admit that they fucked up and people preferred how the game originally was to retail. Classic saved the subs) then clearly the golden age of WoW was TBC because that was the only expansion period in WoW's lifespan where the sub count was still rising throughout before it plateaued in WotLK.
    I agree. Honestly, nothing soured me more towards the company than the "you think you do but you don't" thing. We as players have put up with a lot of BS, but that was the most condescending crap I've ever heard of in my life. Spoken by someone who truly drank the Kool-Aid and forgot what it meant to be a player.

    I'd consider TBC to be the golden age, too.

    I enjoyed WoTLK but let's be honest - it was really where they gave a hint at the direction the game was going in. Announced features that didn't make it into the actual game (I'm not even talking about cut content that was like in the presentation, I'm talking about content that was literally printed with the BOX you bought at release I.E. flying mounted combat - totally unprofessional, IMO), zones making it to live unfinished / abandoned (Crystalsong Forest), the ridiculous content gap from final patch to next expansion, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LionSinMaikeru View Post
    I'd consider TBC to be the golden age, too.
    Yet Blizzard did not allow a TBC realm to survive the classic era progress into WotLK. Which seems like a bad idea to me.

    There should be a museum for all the glory days of WoW.

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    MoP, reasons similar to post #2

    Close 2nd would be TBC, 3rd WoTLK, vanilla I didn't play.

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