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    Not sure. During love event i got mount drop on second character.
    P.S. farmed it from 2010 on 5-15 characters every year... Droped only in 2024.
    Me too, but they explicitly stated that they have now changed it.

    Of course, that's no guarantee that they did the change correctly or communicated it correctly, but I'm taking them at their literal words and am only doing it once per day per account (and I only have one account).

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    Maybe one day they'll make a polearm version of the scythe so Death Knights and Pallys can use it.

    Frost DKs use it in their Frostscythe animation ffs, and now they have a hero spec that summons shadow frost scythes.
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    got the staff on first run this morning.

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    well... so far no armor... and given that I've been farming love rocket for YEARS... I'm not hopeful especially since it seems like its not even worth bothering on multiple characters.

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