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    Lightbulb REMIX: Faster then Deamonhunter :)

    Hello all.
    If you are playing remix, you may have the same problem, like I had.
    To keep up with others in Dungeons and Raids. Your always late to Bossfights?
    Then you may haven't noticed, that you can make use of multiple Cogwheel Gems out of fight.
    So after a bossfight, it is nice to have Stampeding Roar for all. After that maybe Soulshape?
    I found a easy way to switch them around.
    Collect multiple boots. You dont have to upgrade them. Just put your chosen Cogwheel Gems in the boots.
    Important thing is, You have to use boots with different names, to make this work. I am using 8 different Cogwheel Gems like Stampeding Roar, Soulshape, Spirit Walk, Sprint aso. They dont share CDs. So you can use them one after an other. Just create different macros like this one:
    #showtooltip Blinzeln
    /equip Sandalen des Chronomanten
    /cast Blinzeln
    Do one for each Cogwheel gem you like and place them in a bar.
    Now you can to switch through the different macros and activate the Cogwheel Gems, to make use of your advantage.
    Maybe this will help you to keep up with the "fast as hell DHs"

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