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    [A] [H] [NA] [Sargeras] <Knights of the Blue Tree> - Mythic and AotC Groups

    Hello there! Knights of the Blue Tree is a community-driven group that has played together for a long time in some form or fashion (since Burning Crusade).

    We are looking to grow our group a little going into The War Within by expanding into two raiding groups.

    Each raiding group we have raids 1 night per week, 3 hours a night. AotC is a more casual setting, in which the overall objective is to grab AotC and have a good time. Our mythic group is new going into this expansion, and our goal is to progress as far as possible through the mythic raid on a 1-night schedule.

    Raid Times:
    AotC: Monday, 7-10pm EST
    Mythic: Sunday, 7-10pm EST

    If you think you'd be a good fit, or would like to get more information, feel free to message myself or our raid leader on Discord.

    Guild Leader: Blueeagle
    Raid Leader: Gripps22

    Mythic Application: https://forms.gle/9c9g2qH1Up13Bcii6

    Looking for:
    Tanks: Closed
    Healers: Any
    DPS: Any (Mage/Warrior high priority)

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