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    Alien/UFO references in vanilla WoW

    Do you know of any Alien or UFO references or Easter eggs in Vanilla WoW?
    What would the equivalent of aliens be in Vanilla WoW lore?

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    The Draenei and the Orcs are alien lifeforms
    Zul'Jin died for our sins.
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    Although silithids aren't technically aliens (just the offsprings of aliens), the whole concept is very inspired by it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phuongvi View Post
    This ?

    Yes any quests or items or NPC's that references to aliens or UFO's

    I found this quest that is an Easter egg reference to Aliens 3: "Alien Egg (quest)"

    Does anyone know any others?

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    There is an alien queens face in the cockpit screen of Goblin shredders

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