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    If eveybody has AWP and I'm only one, who has shotgun just for diversity purposes - then why do you think I'm not gimped by this non-Meta choice?
    What you are playing is akin to shooting paralysed childrens. It doesn't matter if you have an AWP or a shotgun, you will be able to complete your task with ease anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    Read the entire argument.

    Making a new game opens up more monetization avenues. If Blizzard made, for example, a Starcraft 3 game and put a cash shop in it, do you honestly think it wouldn't be at least as lucrative as a single store mount in WoW?
    It would be a massive financial risk.

    Part of that problem is RTS becoming less relevant in the mainstream as well, with MOBA having taken its place in popularity. Even a game like Stormgate has had to seek multiple sources of funding to continue development, and we will have to wait and see how successful it actually ends up being.

    And if Blizzard didn't consider it a financial risk, then they wouldn't have disbanded Team 1, their RTS team. Blizzard literally has no one left who worked on any of the original RTS games to make a SC3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    No, I don't have any prejudices against any classes, because I've been playing them all since Cata. Yeah, I had prejudices against Paladins back in WotLK, cuz they had 3 lives, while I had only one. And it leaded me to transfering to PVE server. But I no longer have any prejudices. What I try to say - is that may be Meta is unavoidable, but game should never be tuned around Meta. There shouldn't be such weird game designs, as "we tune outdoor around playing tank specs, cuz we have tank shortage in dungeons and raids". Why? May be cuz I play class, that lacks tank spec?

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    DF Rogues are in terrible state. In all specs. They're even worse than Mages now. At least classes like Mage and Warrior have enough dmg to nuke things. Rogues were ok back in Legion, when their healing ability didn't have CD. May be that's due to broken scaling at low levels, but they're almost unplayable now. Problem is - Blizzard have had 2 years to fix them, but failed to do it.
    I think you have to simply accept the reality that you're doing something wrong. I've long played out-of-meta classes and characters in all sorts of games. This includes WoW. Any class, and pretty much any spec (other than not spending points), is just fine. Sure, some are way faster, and others can AOE pull the entire mountainside... but every class can level and play solo, just fine. If you're trying to tackle raid bosses, or 50 mobs at a time, then I can see why you may be railing. You also spoke about not being able to actually leash mobs, and get out of combat. Once again, that makes no sense.

    You made me think about league of legends, and how I made a point to play characters with the lowest win rates and lowest pick rates. Guess what? I was still able to be successful.
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    And this thread is going around in circles
    3 Major Rules of World of Warcraft Players:
    1. No one on earth wants to play World of Warcraft less than other World of Warcraft players.
    2. The desire to win>The desire for anything else in World of Warcraft. NO EXCEPTIONS
    3. Efficiency will be king no matter how you think it will improve the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamas102 View Post
    Just how when WoW came out it was only splitting the EQ and WC3 playerbases because those were totally the only people who'd be willing to play a Warcraft MMO . Seriously, what's with this stupid fucking idea that the only market a new game can tap into is the one for the current 20 year old version? Was BG3's potential market capped at only people who played BG2? Was D4's market capped at only the handful of people who were still playing D3? Fuck no. There are literally tens of millions of potential players out there (some who already moved away from WoW but could come back for a newer iteration, and others who were too young to get into WoW during its heyday but would be down for a new game).
    Uh did you actually read what I said? And yes EQ2 did split the playerbase it's arguably part of the reason WoW was able to be so successful because people knew EQ2 was coming out so there was no sunk cost since they would be leaving EQ1 anyway. Also no there really aren't if you look at the trend games people don't tend to sit down and play mmos anymore it's all about drop in drop out content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    It would be a massive financial risk.

    Part of that problem is RTS becoming less relevant in the mainstream as well,
    I wasn't talking exclusively about Starcraft 3, but any new game from Blizzard.
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