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    Me: "There are no bad opinions"
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    Me: "There are some bad opinions"

    Most of your points boil down to this feeling of "relentless M+ running" that you are seemingly experiencing. This can easily be fixed by... stop running. I am serious - I never get M+ burnout because my goal is to get teleports for all the dungeons and then stop, so M10 is good for me. Why run 11, 12, 13 etc if you hate it?
    Also M+ gives top-end players an alternate route to partake in difficult content apart from raiding and bleeding edge PvP. You seem to believe that the development of M+ takes resources away from world-building, how does that even work?

    Lastly, I am sorry to say, but many sections of your OP look like they were written by Chatgpt. They have the same formulaic approach, almost as if you asked it to give it the task to develop an essay with "why M+ is bad in WoW" as an input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kehego View Post
    counter point; ive been on illidan since late bc and on an rp server prior to that. we'd grip and rip dungeons on both servers the second it was possible.

    Why'd you think paladin tanks got popular? cus you could just pull everything and aoe threat them so the group could spam seed/blizzard/whatever.

    also unless you're pushing for score, most people stay to the end of a bricked key especially since, you know, you get vault credit for the key when it finishes.

    i knew that ,most dont care sadly they just want fastest run possible, for example i saw the healer on 35% mana in my ruby 6 at 2nd boss so i stoped to take a drink while the healer drunk to regain mana but no he pulled instead we all most wiped as i noticed 3 seconds later and saved the healer form dyeing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirtyrock View Post
    Admittedly I normally stay in the 8-11 range, because M+ is a side activity for me. That said, I've probably done 300-400 keys this expansion, not a ton, to be sure, but I've only seen maybe 5-10 peple leave for a missed timer.

    When I say missed timer, I mean that the dungeon is still completable in a reasonable period of time, so early on this is probably timer X2, later it's probably timer X1.25-1.5. More people leave when it's obvious that the key just won't happen and/or won't happen in a reasonable period. This seems fine to me.

    Entirely possible that you're playing with a different group of people than I am, and/or playing for score, in which case leaving early makes a certain amount of sense. If I'm trying to time a 15, because I want that rating, leaving when we miss the timer is a lot more reasonable than when I'm in an 8-10 with other people looking to fill their vaults and get crests.
    ive done a lot of keys never cared for the rating most of the time i pug keys coz i've never got 4 guildies or friends available for them most of them want to go passed 10 which i have no interest in what so ever i dont get anything for it bar a arbitrary number that means nothing (thanks boosting community) i just want to get my vault and gear done and im happy if we fail keys big weep it happens cant wait till ppl are wining that the new afix thats getting added for +7 onwards is too hard to get boosted in and time at the same time those extra 10 secs a death will add up fast if they are trying to get boosted in a pug

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    I have a strong feeling this is just a rage bait post. It's like anything else in the game: if I don't enjoy PvP, I simply don't participate in it. Sure, I miss out on some achievements and collections, but I don't call for its removal. Anyone reasonable likely feels the same way. I think it's best to just let this thread fade away.

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