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    Nether Ray Mount !

    Short note : Check the site tonight, we've got something nice coming. ^^

    Thanks to Sacra who sent me a mail to warn that Fibb from the Seraphim guild on the Burning Blade-US server made a video of the Nether RAY mount. This is the mount you get as a reward from the Skyguards
    You can also get the high quality version on Filefront


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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    Could you fix the Skyguard link above

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    Small typo, fixed ^^

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !


    I wonder how long does it take to hit revered ?

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    The reputation was incredibly easy to farm. You get an item called "Shadow Dust" from killing the mobs around Skettis.

    First you need to do the quest at the Shattrah flightpath to kill 20 ogres, then you get sent to this base camp north of Skettis.

    You then get two quests, the only one to concern yourself with is the one that requires 6 shadow dust.

    Upon completion it becomes repeatable, requiring 1 dust and offereing 250 rep and 8g every turn-in.

    Took me 22 hours of non-stop farming to get all the dust I needed, I also got some contibutions from a few friendly people.

    There are 2 trinkets at exalted, I tried the caster one and it hardly does ever proc, doesn't seem worht it unless you're after the crit rating.

    Now regarding the other quest.

    The chain is easly soloable, kill a few things here, talk to this guy here, get my package at this hut, and dress up like a bird and talk to a blind dude.

    Once you get a quest to collect 4 items from 4 guys, you'll need multiple people. I had a holy paladin and a rogue for this, both helped feed items to me so I could continue the line.

    From turning in Shadow Dust, you get an elixir that allows you to see these "Time-Lost" Arokka. You cannot see them otherwise, however you can still agro them if you use an AoE effect next to one. Without the elixir you cannot see them, and they will probably kill you.

    Killing the Time-Lost mobs yeilds Scrolls. I found the scrolls to be about a 1/4 drop chance, however there are not too many of these "Time-Lost" mobs.

    20 scrolls allow you to summon one guy needed for the questline. You do this by having the scrolls in your inventory and using a "skull pile" found randomly on the ground. You get a choice of which you summon, 4 choices in total, one for each mob you need for the quest.

    The summons are not too hard, you will need at least 2-3 people for each summon. They can be stunned, but are immune to fear, frost nova, sheep, and probably all other ccs.

    Upon killing these mobs, you get 1 (one) quest item. The item is non-BoP, can be traded, AHed, etc, but only 1 drops. This means you would need to kill the same guy 5 times to get a 5 man group through this quest, 20 scrolls each time. It takes 80 scrolls for one person to complete this quest, providing you don't wipe on the summons.

    The mobs also drop a random blue "of the xxx". I know our paladin had some gloves from karazan and he replaced those with one of these drops.

    After you turn in this quest you get an item that is not BoP. This is the only one of these you will ever get. You also get a quest that goes along with this. The quest is to summon and kill Terokk.

    The quest itself gives 25g and 1000 rep as a reward. However, since you only get to kill Terokk once, or get a chance to, I suggest getting the 5 best people for you know for this fight.

    The fight itself is simple, but relys on a good healer and good tank, or, if you cannot get one or both of those, about 20 people graveyard zerging him down will do (worked for me).

    The graveyard is 20 ft from him, so if you die release and rez.

    It's a simple tank-n-spank fight until he reaches 20%. At 20% he becomes immune to all magic and melee attacks. However, friendly npcs appear in the sky and drop blue piles of fire on the ground.

    Kiting him onto one of these fires takes away his sheild, and enrages him. His sheild is only gone while he is in the fire. If he moves out or the fire dissappears, then you have to bring him to a new fire.

    Killing him yeilded a trinket, which I won.

    The trinket has no lvl requirement (probabaly a bug) and everyone in the party can roll on it. It is however BoP.

    Use: Increases your health by 1250 for 15 seconds.

    Basically a mini-Last Stand. I have only killed him once, so this is probably just one of his drops. But since you only get 1-shot per person, take extra percaution when fighting Terokk.

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    Really nice guide, thanks

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    What music plays in clip?

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    Re: Nether Ray Mount !

    I'd say Chevelle - An evening with El Diablo

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