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    Alchemy hotfix, Arena playoffs, new Al'ar movie, comics.

    Alchemy has been hotfixed to disable all chance of a discovery.
    We have been working on the resolution of a serious exploit in game which has led to certain consequences that we wanted everyone to be aware of. A hot fix has been recently applied to the alchemy profession, with regards to discoveries. For the time being, we have disabled all chance of a discovery, until we can implement the proper fix through a patch , as we can not resolve this matter solely with hot fixes. We apologize for the necessary but temporary removal of discoveries, and are working to have them re-implemented with an upcoming content patch.
    Forte released a new video featuring Al'ar

    The Arena Ranking on Geekboys.org was updated with the US Arena Playoffs ranking. The EU one should be available soon.

    And last but not least, while we were busy probing the 2.1.0 patch, tons of new comics were released !
    • Dark Legacy Comic #89 , #88 (I'm not sure about the #87 but i'll link it because it's a great one too)
    • LFGComic #34, #35, #36, and #37 too. But you'd better check their archives.
    • GUComics also posted a WoW comic a few days ago.

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    Re: Alchemy hotfix, Arena playoffs, new Al'ar movie, comics.

    nice,comics! thx i forgot the DLcomics homepage. SUCH awsome comics, makes me lol every time.
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