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    More weapons screenshots, random news.

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    Yay ! Weekend ! Slow news day. ! (But still, not that bad)

    Endarion was nice enough to send a new screenshot with more new weapons. Actually i'm not sure if all of them are new, but the 4 maces on the left are the Paladin "tier 5" reward, and the pink one at the top is a new Black Temple loot introduced in the last PTR update.

    Nice news of the week

    • LFGComic #38 is out, and I'm late again.
    • Wowhead was updated with all the legendary weapons used in the fight against Kael'thas.

    • Still looking for people to contribute with boss strategies. Use the contact link on the left if you're interested, or PM me.
    • I'll start updating some page to reflect 2.1.0 changes soon.
    • I fixed the boss strategies pages, it should look better for Internet Explorer users.
    • I realized that the news still had a scrolling bar for Internet Explorer users, I'll make sure it won't happen in the future.
    • Seriously, get Firefox. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

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    Re: More weapons screenshots, random news.

    Hi there...

    My 2 Cent...

    Not all weapons are new:
    I know that following arent...

    But keep up the good work

    And please gimme an explanation bout those Paladin Tier 5 Rewards?
    Why and how do they get those?

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    Re: More weapons screenshots, random news.

    Don't really know how you'll get them yet. If you want my opinion on this, they could be Hyjal rewards : You get your tier 5 armor in Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine, and then get a chance to "complete" your equipement by going in Hyjal.

    Actually, I think I saw one of these "tier 5" weapon files labeled as Hyjal, but can't find them now :/

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    Re: More weapons screenshots, random news.

    I can imagine there will be Weapons for every Class as a Reward, maybe a token drop or something.
    But why are there 4 paladin maces?^^
    I would've guessed there will be 1 for Prot, 1 for Holy (both 1H) and 1 for Ret (2H).
    What could be the 4th one?
    Well maybe there are 2 Maces for Holy, one for Heal, one for Spelldmg.^^

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    Re: More weapons screenshots, random news.

    Making tons of skins for all the new weapons in the games files is the new habit of Blizzard, they probably won't use all of them don't worry. ^^

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