Kael'Thas Drops
  • [xsitem=29997,4][Band of the Ranger-General][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30018,4][Lord Sanguinar's Claim][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=29989,4][Sunshower Light Cloak][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=29994,4][Thalassian Wildercloak][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=29988,4][The Nexus Key][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=29993,4][Twinblade of the Phoenix][/xsitem]

Lady Vashj Drops
  • [xsitem=30106,4][Belt of One-Hundred Deaths][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30104,4][Cobra-Lash Boots][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30110,4][Coral Band of the Revived][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30103,4][Fang of Vashj][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30112,4][Glorious Gauntlets of Crestfall][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30108,4][Lightfatom Scepter][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30109,4][Ring of Endless Coils][/xsitem]
  • [xsitem=30105,4][Serpent Spine Longbow][/xsitem]

Anyone who played on the PTR knows this, you can get tons of new powerful weapons from PTR-only NPCs. Of course, Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj drops are included, but do you know which one they are ?

Every item as an itemID in the game, this is the number you see when you check the stats on any database like wowhead :
http://www.wowhead.com/?item=30106 (30106 is the itemID of this item)
When Blizzard add items to boss loottables, they often uses consecutive IDs for the items, which leads to loot tables with a loot of similar IDs, let's take the one from The Lurker Below's loot table as an example. They are 30061 30060 30057 30059 30064 30665 30065 30062 30063 30058 30066 30067.

And now the interesting part, amongst all the new epics sold on the PTR, only a few of them have higher stats (ilvl 125), and they're split in two groups, one with all the IDs near 30000, and another one with all the ID near 30100. We already know that Vashj drops [xsitem=30103,4]Fang of Vashj[/xsitem] and [xsitem=30112,4]Glorious Gauntlets of Crestfall[/xsitem], which means her loot table is the one around 30100. The other being Kael'thas one.