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    Frozen Shadoweave and Spellfire nerf won't go live.

    The changes players have noticed on the public test realms concerning select tailor-crafted items, such as the Spellfire set, will be reverted before the patch is live on production realms.

    This means your item sets will remain just as they are now.

    Also note, to address the feedback we've been reading this morning concerning the idea of simply “buffing tier 4 and 5 equivalent slots”, the reason we do not is because improving those 3 slots for tier 4 and 5 would force a change to all other tier 4 and 5 items as well (weapons, melee sets, everything).


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    Re: Frozen Shadoweave and Spellfire nerf won't go live.

    Nice! I was about to blow a gasket over these being nerfed considering they will most likely be the best I get with my schedule.

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