No Lady Vashj loots yet. Let's watch pretty pictures to help the waiting !

First, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth Glow animation was fixed and I realized that I never took the time to post the final version. I also realized that my Shaman tier 5 weapons screenshot wasn't accurate in the tier 5 weapons post, weapons were in the wrong hands.
Also added a few unreleased bows, the one to the left is from Mount Hyjal (notice the head of Archimonde on it), the one to the right is from the Black Temple. I don't know where the two others drop, but they weren't tagged as Hyjal or Black Temple.

I also wanted to write something about an impressive fan art posted on CGSociety a few days ago. You can see the making off on their article.

And while we're talking about fanarts, I'll post two more, the first one is from Dan Scott, you can check his other works on forums
The 2nd one is from M.C. Barrett and was also posted on forums. This one is definitely not related to WoW, but I thought it might be a good idea to post it with all the hype going around the Blizzard secret project (OMG STARCRAFT 2 !) ^^