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    Thundering Skyfire diamond / Tsunami talisman

    the new dps oriented meta gem which gives a chance to gain haste rating on attack. From what ive been able to gather, the pattern for it is a world drop, any confirmation on that? Also, does anyone happen to have an idea of the proc rate on it? WoWHead lists it as a 100% proc rate which is definately not accurate.

    Also, the Tsumani trinket which drops from Leotheras, the proc on it is similar to Hourglass trinket from BM, does anyone know if there is a hidden cooldown on Tsunami aswell? and if so.. any idea of the duration ?

    apologies if any of those are repeated questions :-\

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    Re: Thundering Skyfire diamond / Tsunami talisman

    1) When the PTRs were open, I added the pattern to Wowhead/Curse item database, and never heard about it again, it seems that Allakhazam auction house watcher got a few sales, but I doubt we'll have real informations until a few days.

    2) http://elitistjerks.com/showthread.php?t=11325 I guess. ^^

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