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    Morogrim Tidewalker

    Hi MMO community

    My guild is trying Morogrim now for 2 nights and we really have problems with him(i know he should be easy).
    The problems are the murlocks. We have problems to get them under control. We have a paladin trying to tank them(tried it already with 2) but they still kill our mages instantly.

    Would be nice if you could post here some usefull tips how other guilds are doing it.

    P.S. Shouldnt Earthquake be a 35 yards ability?

    Best regards.

    Twilights Hammer

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    Re: Morogrim Tidewalker

    My guild was attempting him last night, we got him to 43%. Our problem was the mages dieing.

    So, what I believe we will do next attempt is to get our mages to equip more stamina gear. The tanks also have an important job to do as they need to collect the mobs as they are running towards the paladin.

    Also important is that the 2 groups of murlocs are merged and aoed by the same people instead of in 2 groups, that will waste too much mana and waste too much time.

    Don't get a pala to tank them, get a pala to get initial healing aggro on them then let your normal tanks take over.

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