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    Arena 2.1.2 informations

    Well, I thought I could post it here as I haven't seen these informations here:
    Originally Posted by Ommra
    More from Drysc on arena gear, updated 06/06:
    New arena weapons are included. All of the current items will see new versions for season 2, with some new additions.

    The new honour rewards will be new versions of the epic items (boot, belt and bracer). A new back-slot item won't be added, but a new ring will be available.

    The arena set items are always intended to match their equivalent tier sets in appearance to easily link them through visual recognition to their PvE counterparts.

    Arena season 1 item cost reduction will be about 15%.

    There are more healing-centric items planned for season 2.

    The patch today was not intended to be, nor was it, the patch that would coincide with the start of season 2. We're still hoping for June 13th but it will come down to testing. The possibility that it won't make the 13th is still very much there, but we will let you know as soon as possible.

    Drysc on arena gear:
    It won't be required that you have the current season's set or piece to upgrade to the next season's set or piece. The season 2 items will take over the same point cost (or close to it) as the current seasons, and the current season item point cost will lower.

    The current plan is to keep only the current and previous season's items available. Meaning that when moving to season 3, the season 1 items will no longer be available. This is of course subject to change.

    There will be some amount of planning and forethought into when you buy an item as a new season approaches. If you want to wait until the next season comes around because those items will be better then feel free.

    It's not going to be a lucrative strategy though to wait a large amount of time just because they're better. You're not going to spend half the season capped because you know the next season's items are going to be better, right?

    Couple that with the fact that a new season doesn't guarantee that new items will be added, and you're taking a big gamble by not buying something unless you're really sure those new items are there and waiting for you on a specific date.

    Nethaera on arena season 2 and the points reset
    Ratings will be reset but any arena points you have earned will remain with you.

    Arena points will be the same. So you can spend them the same on either the current gear or the new gear as you wish.

    You will be given the arena points you earned from the previous week based on rating from that week, but the ratings will be reset as planned for the second season and everyone will begin earning new from there.

    Nethaera on future battlegrounds:
    We plan to add more battlegrounds in time, but keep in mind that the more battlegrounds people have to choose from, the more likely there may be a shift in queue time length.

    Should you have specific ideas you would like to suggest though, the best place would be the suggestion forum.


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    Re: Arena 2.1.2 informations

    Edited your post to change the layout a bit, thanks ^^

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