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    What is this mount ?


    I saw a guy in battleground with this mount.

    How can I get it ?

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    Re: What is this mount ?

    [xsitem=32768,4]Reins of the Raven Lord[/xsitem]

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    Re: What is this mount ?

    Make friends with a druid who has (or is working on) Swift Flight form. Run Heroic Sethekk Halls with the druid to summon the optional Raven God boss. The mount drops from him.

    The last quest in the Swift Flight chain provides the druid the item to start this encounter (in the room before the last boss, IIRC) in order to get their form. It can be summoned again on later runs after finishing the line.

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    Re: What is this mount ?

    im thinking with a drop rate like that the only reasen its in the game is get ppl to help the druids do there quest i know i would help any1 doing that quest just for a chance to get it

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