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    Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    ok the name of the game is whos got the sig that evry1 wants

    1) after u post it show what site you used to make it or what program u drew it with

    i used paint to make it ( the 2 pics u see on the sids are from )

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    I stopped making these about six months ago.. Thought I'd take them out of the cabinet. ;D

    NSFW -

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    wow, those last 2 are inzane

    WTB one!

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Yeah, I'm going to open PS again

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    damn all ur sigs are awsome guys

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    vesy : omg.

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    vry impresive..... wait till i finish Dl'ng 3Dmax and CS3 and il add some animation to my sigs

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Registered just to do this even though I have been using the site for months now.
    Warcraft related

    For shear oh shiny impression

    Personal favorite

    All of them were made in Photoshop CS2 the images were obtained from

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    on the flash version, the white is invisible(transparency) on my forum

    and for irritate my bro rogue


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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Transparency isn't a good idea on this site most of the time. ^^

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Want to create such a Sig too, how to do it? Sorry I'm absolutely noob in this I think (; Are there any special programs ?

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Photoshop is the best hands down to a sig, but its normally $300+ I would be more than happy to make one for you though. I am out ideas anyways.

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Okay, I know Photoshop.. are there still any people who pay for it? (:
    If you want to create one.. I'm a nightelf warrior .. if you've any idea, do it. 8)

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    ;D Thnx for the positive feedback. Here are a few more from my file..

    Been a long time since I've made any of these... All the TBC armor sets all have some kind of crazy smokey or glowy effect on them... makes it really really hard to manipulate them in After Effects without bogging down my render times... I really don't feel like rotoscoping out the smokey glowy stuff and putting it back in...

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Muahahaha crappy storyboard screenshot!


    - One of my earlier works.

    So how do I make these?

    My workflow usually goes like this.

    Conceptualize the sig with the person I'm making it for.
    Screenshot their character for reference.

    Open up WoW Model Viewer and Fraps.
    Model the character with the appropriate armor, weapons, ect.

    Capture animation loops for each movement: Walking, Running, Swinging a Sword.

    Open up each of the clips into Adobe After Effects and lay them down on the timeline.
    [ If I need to build a custom animation {Dude can I like... Blow up some Gnomes and then smoke a blunt? *rofl*} I save off screenshots out of WoW Model Viewer and open them up in Adobe Photoshop and slice apart the parts I need to animate.

    Then, I trim the footage so each of the movements native frames match up.

    Add a dash of Particle Playground and Glow Filter.

    Crack open Trapcode - Patricular and Trapcode - Shine.

    Render out the signature at 29.97 FPS... Check for gaps/glitches...
    Re-Render the footage as a Gif at 15 FPS (To save on file size {I aim for under 2.5 Megs for Each Sig depending on length} )

    Upload to Filecloud...

    Post on forums.

    Siggy I made for my old GM.

    Alot of it is an inside joke... I see this signature as a visual representation of what it was like to be on Ventrilo with him when we were wiping on Raid Bosses...


    If you're interested in having some custom work done, contact me Via email.

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    Heya im wondering if u people that are leet w/ making sigs can make me one xD. My char's name is Demonpanda a 70 troll rogue on Lightbringer.

    Thx in advance!

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    Re: Show of ur Sigs ( fun game )

    ok, so let's say I wanna make my mage (Human jathel lvl 70 Onyxia) and a couple of gnomes face some horde, then charge them with the gnome and as the first blow drops, I blink out and let the gnomes die. What do I need?

    :-) That's how I roll!
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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