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    Replacing herb graphics

    I recall I used to have an addon or folder that went in my interface folder that replaced the graphics for all herbs with boxes that look like "weapon crate." We all sometimes have to waste our time moving the mouse back and forth over some turf to find a choice herb here and there (sungrass anyone?). Is anyone aware of a mod that still can do this or if it is no longer supported/legal in the current rev of wow?



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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    It will get you banned.

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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    dont use mods that actualy change implemented game futers like ( maps, gates houses citys ) anything of that wise because u will get baned

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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    Blizz's stand on model changing is strange, they dont like it, but they dont say outright that its not allowed, unless you are model changing stuff the exploit the game (go to unopened areas or gain unfair advantages over other players).

    your case might be classified as exploiting or it might not, changing herbs to boxes will make it easier to pick the herb, but it doesnt allow you to access places you shouldnt be at or let you gain an advantage over other players (except you find the herb easier than others which is why it might be classified as exploiting)

    Ive done model changing for a while to put new gear on my guy or change the looks of my pets and mounts or how my spells look and even the looks of the world around me...



    model changing has great potential to be exploitative, but it can also be used to make the game more enjoyable the choice is up to the user on how they wish to use it...

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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    Yes, but it can get you banned. ^^

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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    yea, yea one change i saw was campfire => dark portal, that was a funny one... and it would deff get you banned if you used it. not ALL model changing will get you banned just stuff that changes the actualy interactable environment. i would hesitate to do the herb to box change tho, it fall into the fuzzy area of maybeness.

    btw boubouille love you site keep it up ^^ im tryin to get all my guildies turned onto the site, but progress is slow = (...

    lol thats a funny effect, double marquee
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    Re: Replacing herb graphics

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    Yes, but it can get you banned. ^^
    /agree, although it would be somewhat of an overreaction by Blizzyblizz to do so IMO, but then again, it's their game even if we play it...
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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