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    New Arena Site

    Hi, my name's Papashlapa. I play on the 5v5 team Trounce. We're currently rated 2374 and ranked #1 in North America, #2 in the world. I recently started an arena blog. I'm just trying to get the word out to those who may be interested in checking it out. Feel free to head on over and read some(hopefully) interesting articles.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: New Arena Site

    Great BLOG! I read the entire thing! This will help greatly when I remake my 5v5 team!

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    Re: New Arena Site

    That certainly is the blog I'm gonna bookmark if I ever consider arena.

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    Re: New Arena Site

    Really really nice blog I must say, finally someone not blogging about their uninteresstign personal issues or other totally pointless thing! (I know one might argue WoW being as pointless blogging about as your problems with pedestrians crossing the street at the wrong time, but you are all - sadly - misstaken!)

    And yes Im joking, great blog though
    70 Dranei Shaman - Grim Batol (EU - Engrish!)

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