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    Re: Your WoW Artwork

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysteryhunt
    thanks for the nice encouragement guys finished the hunter painting, in case anyone is interested in the finished version, here ya go

    can you believe this adorable draenei hunter is now guildless man drama SUCKS...
    [made the img a url, so it won't fill up a whole page]

    Did you render it or something? how does that go.. you draw something on paper, scan it in, fix the color and shades a bit and then render it?
    if so, what program do you use for that? or are you doing it all with photoshop?
    please do tell

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    Re: Your WoW Artwork

    hey xinzo, yeah i do all my stuff purely in photoshop (with a little painter 9). i use a wacom graphics tablet so its just like drawing/painting on paper. i just do a sketch and then start painting like i would on a canvas or something like that.

    chival-wow man that scupture is [email protected]!

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