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    Warlock spec in 3v3

    I'm fairly new to these forums and have tried gaining some more information about my issue but I'm still undecided.

    I'm going to play to play with a warrior/warlock/paladin setup and I'm not sure what spec I should go for. I don't have full PvP gear yet but at the moment i got 12.4k health and 388 resillience in my PvP gear. So now my question is, what spec would people go for? Affliction, SL felhunter/hybrid or Felguard?

    Hopefully some people can come with some good arguements/suggestions so I can make up my mind :>

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    Re: Warlock spec in 3v3

    i would say affliction...

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    Re: Warlock spec in 3v3

    Demo, imo. Best spec there is "Pve" "PvP"

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    Re: Warlock spec in 3v3

    Yep, this is the spec that I fear going up against every time I see a Warlock in an Arena match, tbqh.

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