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    Drama goin down on elune.

    So the elune server has been crashing about every 30 mins since the hardware upgrades a few days back. To say the least there is a severs worth of pissed off people all channeling their anger into this thread.


    I hope you guys enjoy all the ranting like i did.

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    Re: Drama goin down on elune.

    Sucks for them
    Free gold tomorrow!

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    Re: Drama goin down on elune.

    lol yeah sucks for them

    aerie peak ftw!

    although last week aerie peak was crazy cuz all you peoples came over to say hello since your realms were down, and we just happen to be the largest us pve server...but seems like the lagfest 2k7 has subsided, and i no longer can queue up 10 auctions on the AH only to have them insta-auction 3 min later...lol...i love that part


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