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    I wonder if they are going to create new regeants for the next expansion like they did with TBC. Like new ore, enchanting dust, essence, ect....

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    I kinda think they would have to. Make new herbs, mineral ore, new skins you get from animals, etc.

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    They wouldnt have to create new ones tbh, if they want to keep Outlands active they could very well keep using the current mats.

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    Re: Reagents

    I'm thinking the same thing, but maybe one new one to each of the different types. Has to be something new for Lv80 reagents, at least one.

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    Re: Reagents

    I am 100% sure we will see some kind of frost leather, brilliant silk and uber dusts. There will be new reagents, and I think there will be a lot of those...

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    Re: Reagents

    look at what they did with TBC. Sure, things like dreamfoil are still used(Adept's Elixir), but there is an abundance of new herbs. The new stuff they made in TBC could still be used in Lich King, but I'm pretty sure they are going to make new herbs/ore etc.

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    Re: Reagents

    I agree. As long as the tradeskills continue to have a new 75 points to develop, we will have new ore (White Gold, Diamondite, Phorium?), leather (Furry Hide, Tough Leather-scraps-tough-heavy tough?), cloth (Chillweave?), herbs (plenty to imagine), (celestial?)shards/(frostrime?)dusts/(glacial?)essences/(tundra?-okay that one's bad)crystals to gather to skillup gathering & for use in crafting professions.

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