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    I miss CTProfiles!

    Am i alone?

    Those hours at work just move at a snails pace.

    Any of you know of anything similar where you can compare gear and so on?

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    Re: I miss CTProfiles!


    just saw it today on wowinsider

    they have a wishlist function, which was the best part of ctprofiles, imo

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    Re: I miss CTProfiles!

    The application takes FOREVER to load the data. Is this happening for everyone else?

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    Re: I miss CTProfiles!

    I've been trying to use WoWEquip as a replacement for CTProfiles ever since it was taken offline - and it's nowhere near as polished and the item database needs some serious cleaning up.

    The biggest thing that the CT guys complained about was all the changes to items that occured every big patch which took them forever to sort out. I'm secretly hoping that the new stuff the WoWHead guys are working on would be something along the lines of a spiritual successor to CTProfiles; which, given their item database shouldn't be much of a stretch at all.

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