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    Good Farming Spot

    The demons by shadowmoon village, they are 67-69 they drop about 18-20s each as well as a ton of netherweave cloth and marks of sagreas and fel arnaments, as well as green blues and greys its a great spot just thought i let some people know, and does anyone else know of any good spots? besides the obvious like nagrand and blades edges prima fires and such??

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    Re: Good Farming Spot

    Farm the skettis. Dust and scrolls sell well.
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    Re: Good Farming Spot

    Quote Originally Posted by Wildhorn
    Farm the skettis. Dust and scrolls sell well.
    Not on my realm. :-\

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    Re: Good Farming Spot

    Primals do it for me when I need currency. I check which is selling the best on the AH and go out farming.

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    Re: Good Farming Spot

    uhh...ummm.....DAILIES ogri'la + skettis dailies get me roughly 90 gold a day, than add in everything else you are doing to get gold

    if you are trying to get a epic flyer, do all your left over quests as well
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    Re: Good Farming Spot

    Dailys is the trick yes
    Ogrila -Sketis and if you have epic mount go to Netherwing ledge, there the mine is actually a glod mine for you the greenes are many the trash many too wich the stack is more then 1g ....before going in ther you must at least have 2 empty bags...
    Farming place , good farming place is Twilight ridge at Nagrand, once I had an epic cloth chest aka 1500 glod isnt bad not bad at all
    Since Elemental Plateau is always overpopulated, second is Shadowmoon Valley
    Fire - Air - Water all 3 are there
    Mana kill nether rays
    I thing thats it

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