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    Power Auras

    Unfortunately the mod author stopped supporting the mod.
    Anyone know of any mod similar to this? Thanks

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    Re: Power Auras

    You can try scrolling combat text or mik's scrolling battle text. Both show gained/expired buffs/auras/curses/poisons/etc. Parrot does too I think. Unfortunetely they're all scrolling combat texts but you can disable 90% of everything in there and use only your buff mod. :]

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    Re: Power Auras

    Yust asking, is it configureable for CD's?

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    Re: Power Auras

    seems like isn't complete yet

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    Re: Power Auras

    Nope, it's not, go read my other post now. ;]

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    Re: Power Auras

    could you give a link plz)thx

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