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    HOT and DOT how they work?

    just wondering how the healing or damage is added to HOT and DOT like what % is added to a 12s or 15s or 18s or 21s...can't find the infor anywere and also my internet won't let me connect to certain sites...work so could someone type if out instead of linking it thanks!

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    Re: HOT and DOT how they work?

    WoWWiki is not always accurate as it could and maybe out of date, but is usefull when you're completely lost.
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    Re: HOT and DOT how they work?

    wowwiki (link above from dsmania) says:

    Over Time Spell

    Over Time spells apply healing or damage over a period of time in ticks.

    (Duration of Spell / 15) = Total

    3 sec = 20%
    6 sec = 40%
    9 sec = 60%
    12 sec = 80%
    15 sec = 100%
    18 sec = 120%
    21 sec = 140%

    Prior to patch 2.0.1, there was a 100% cap on over-time spells longer than 15 seconds. This cap has since been removed. The total bonus is divided equally to each tick.

    Examples of these spells include: Rejuvenation (Druid), Renew (Priest)

    Exceptions of this rule are: Shadow Word: Pain (Priest) - 110%, increased beyond 140% with Improved Shadow Word: Pain, which extends its duration to 24 sec.
    Corruption (Warlock) - 93%, can be increased to 129% with talents
    Curse of Agony (Warlock) - 120%
    Curse of Doom (Warlock) - 200%

    [edit] Combination - Standard and Over Time Spell

    The bonus for spells that have both a standard and an over time component is divided between them. The over time portion receives the following bonus:

    (Duration / 15) / ((Duration / 15) + (Cast Time of Spell / 3.5)) = Portion to Over Time

    The standard portion receives the rest:

    1 - Portion to Over Time = Portion to Standard

    The duration and cast time limits are then applied:

    (Cast Time of Spell / 3.5) * Portion to Standard = Total bonus to Standard Portion

    (Duration / 15) * Portion to Over Time = Total Bonus to Over Time Portion

    Examples of these spells include: Moonfire (Druid), Regrowth (Druid), Immolate (Warlock)
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    Re: HOT and DOT how they work?

    thanks for the link and thanks trane for great reading comprehension skills

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