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    LF an addon

    i'm am looking for the name of the SCT like mod on the bottom of this ui in this video link. TY.

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    Re: LF an addon



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    Re: LF an addon

    before i just make another 1 of these thread was wondering if anyone could help me out.. the add on in this video that makes the HUGE floaters.. name or perhaps another add on that does the exact same deal..

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    Re: LF an addon

    if you are talking about the little boxes on the sides i want to believe those are video edits. if it is a mod my best guess would be pulse. you can get it on curse gaming. i know it has a few features where you can move around the pulse window i personally have not tried any of them.

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    Re: LF an addon

    yeah there not video clips, thx though i'll be looking up PULSE

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