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    Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Hello Everyone,

    I finally got my Deep Thunder, but I'm trying to figure what would be best for me to Enchant it with. I was looking between Mongoose, Savagery or possibly 35 agility. I however do not know how much crit 35 agility converts to at 70. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Everything that boosts your white normal and crit dmg is good for you lad. Don't stack spell power and don't count on weapon procs like mongoose. If your pvp mongoose has it's good sides, but in pve it's too uncontroled to be useful.

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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin


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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Indeed, savagery is the best bet. Mongoose is too unreliable and the proc only gives us crit, whereas it gives rogues ap+crit. Spell damage is stupid unless you have some kind of 2h shockadin build going on, but since you have deep thunder I doubt you do.

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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Mongoose while obviously less *predictable* than savagery for pve dps can still be a very good choice. The proc is in fact suprisingly frequent, to the point where it seems to me I have it up something like half the time so with any decent length fight (ie longer than a minute) you'll get a fairly predictable boost from it. The little haste bonus + around 5% crit are both quite nice to have, depending on your other gear's balance of stats. That boost of crit is especially nice for pvp getting around people's increasing amounst of resil since as ret if you don't crit, you're just not doing any damage really. Savagery's a good choice too of course if your crit is already quite good, and its much cheaper as well. And your 35 agi is between 1.5 and 2% crit I believe.

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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Currently I'm spec'd prot, and I've been picking up some Merciless Gladiator Gear (shoulders and helm), plus some epic pants (albeit warrior pants). But I'll have to take a look at my crit rate, before I got better gear and respec'd I was at about 25% crit unbuffed (after enchants).

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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    +55 Healing IMO
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    Re: Weapon Enchant for Ret Paladin

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowclaimer
    +55 Healing IMO
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